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I am loving this game, the art, the music, the mechanics. 

But the sudden camera movements make me a bit dizzy to be honest! 

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Hi, is there a way to save the game? I finished part of the game but then lost my progress when I refreshed my tab.

Hello, Parenthesix.

I'm PixLiz. I'm on a mission to connect gamers to quality, free pixel art games. I'd like to make some videos on my channel about this game such as a let's play and review video with the intention of monetizing in the future. Am I allowed to make these kinds of videos with the game Unparallel?

Thank you for reading and for publishing this memorable puzzle game.

Hi Pixiz!

First of all, thank you for playing, we appreciate your enthusiasm! Secondly, sure you can play and review our game on your videos. Send us the link when you publish Unparallel's related content, we will be glad to share it :)

Thank you for your permission. I'm very excited to make the videos. I'll have the videos posted in 2021 and send you the links. :)


muy buen juego!

Muchas gracias!


loved the tutorial!!

Thanks! :)


Hey! I haven't finished the game yet but is looking amazing so far!


Thanks Sasha. We’re glad you enjoyed it!